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Handi-hangers are used in the cockpit or a stern pulpit to organize line, fenders, life rings, etc. Once you use them, you'll wonder how you got along without them!

Handi-Hangers are are quick to release, neater than sheet bags, and they're the most versatile option for any line handling/stowing application.

Our Handi-Hangers now come as a combo unit that's even more versatile than ever before! The combo unit works as either a rail mount OR flat mount! Just remove the rail mount back and the unit becomes a flat mount.

The new unit comes with mounting screws, longer line and the new material is even more UV durable than before!!

The flat mount even has applications in and around the garage for storage of hoses, electrical cords, and any light, cumbersome item.

The rail mount system fits on 7/8" or 1" tubing and is also designed to fit on coated lifeline wire.

Handi-Hangers are now packaged in a double pack and priced at $19.50 per package.