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We Put The Wind Back in Your Sails!
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Sail Repairs, Sail Upgrades,
& Sail Modifications

Keeping an eye on the condition of your sails and making repairs promptly is the key to making sure they last as long as possible and deliver peak performance as long as they're in use. The slideshow on the right shows how Sail Care saved a storm-damaged sail; these repairs made it usable again and saved the owner the cost of replacing it. CLICK HERE for info on what to look out for.

Repairs, Upgrades, and Modifications

We have a full-service loft dedicated to sail repair and modification. From Reef Points on a Catalina 22 to a Sunband on a Swan 48 .... we can handle it! Call us and let's talk about how you would like to upgrade your sails. We can give you the benefit our our years of experience and discuss the method and worth of the upgrade as well as the cost involved.

At SailCare we think of ourselves as a family. We run our business the old-fashioned way ... on a people-to-people basis. We have an 800 number for just that reason, so give us a call! We're always ready to speak with you regarding your repairs and orders and to answer any questions you might have

Pre-Process Inspection: What We Look For

The LaMauney Reconditioning Process beings with our inspection of your sails. Each sail is measured, inspected for needed repairs, and the cloth checked for deterioration from the sun, including the integrity of sewn seams. If indicated, we will advise you if seams should be over-sewn for added strength and safety; we always secure authorization for repairs before we proceed.



Following are some of the services our Full-Service Sail Repair Department offers:

• Seams re-stitched

• Worn leathers replaced

• Grommets replaced

• Build-ups reinforced

• Hanks & Slides replaced


• Canvas cleaned, repaired, or replaced

• Leech lines repaired, including cleats

• Luff & Foot ropes added, replaced, or reset.

• Numbers/Insignias replaced or removed

Batten pockets repaired, replaced, velcro
..and/or elastic replaced

• Headboard plates replaced

• Sails recut to fit a different boat

Sails reshaped for performance

• Holes, tears, chafed areas repaired

• Sunbands restitched or replaced

Upgrades and Modifications for Main & Mizzen

• Flattening Reefs

• Numbers & Insignias

• Tell-Tales sewn on



• Cunninghams

• Reef Points

• Leech Lines

• Webbing & Slides

• Dutchman Sail Flaking System

• Strong Track Slide System

• Sail trimmed for rig modification

• Full Batten Conversions

• Leather Corners

• Draft Stripes

• Over-stitching

Upgrades and Modifications for Jib & Genoa

• Luff Conversion from Hank-on to Roller Furling

• Sunbands added (Sunbrella material)

• Sail trimmed for Rig Modifications

• Windows for better vision (crash window)

• Draft Stripes

• Spreader Patches

• Hanks upgraded

• Tell-Tale Trim Windows

• Numbers & Insignias

• Tell-Tales sewn on

• Foot & Leech lines added