Battslide Systems

Battslide Systems One

Shaefer’s Battslide Systems ONE provides solutions for Mainsail handling on boats up to 32′. Choose your appropriate size range and use your existing sail slides that articulate to eliminate friction on our unique shackle arrangement. The compliment of Batten receptacles provides you with a strong, light and versatile tool in controlling full batten compression. Add the intermediate Slide Boss and Headboard Plate to complete a simple, strong, and very effective system.

Battslide Systems TWO

Shaefer’s Battslide Systems TWO provides solutions for Mainsail handling on boats up to 50′. Choose your appropriate Batten Receptacle based on flat or round battens. Both our 401 & 301 receptacles allow either front or aft loading for ease of sail installation and an adjustment range to properly shape your sail for the conditions. Add our Headboard Plate, Intermediate Slide Boss setup and our articulating toggle/link slide to complete a strong and reliable system.

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