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At SailCare it’s all about you, the customer – making sure you get the best service possible is our number one priority. We pride ourselves on handling each and every order with personal care and attention, making sure that we meet your needs, and hopefully exceeding your expectations. Below are some more unsolicited letters from satisfied customers.

Hi SailCare, I wanted to send a word of thanks, and a shot of what all my efforts, and your products, have been towards……

SailCare’s been a huge help to me in getting my “new” ’83 Newport 27-S II I call “Listen” in shape, particularly your great workmanship on modifying my jib for the Plastimo 810 furler you recommended. The color of the new Sunband you installed after modifying the jib, as you can tell from the included picture, turned out to be a perfect match for the original mainsail cover, and looks beautiful. And I can’t say enough, although it’s already been said by so many customers before me, about how my 24 year old jib looks after going through your cleaning process….it absolutley looks and feels like it’s brand new!

Incidentally, the Plastimo 810 is excellent quality, works flawlessly, and is exactlly what I needed for single-handing the 27 in heavy weather. Thanks so much or recommending such a great product. And the Sail Cradle Mark IV is another great product I have to thank you for….an absolutely indispensible idea for solo sailing that also works perfectly.

And, last, but certainly not least, thanks again for the solo Bosun’s chair lifting setup you put together for me. That simple setup of a double-block hoisted by the halyard to the top of the mast, and another double-block with cam and cleat to hook the chair to, once I figured it out, works like a charm and I have no hesitation now to be up at the top of the mast at 10pm at night working on dead wiring that stumped the former owner of this beautiful boat. You really should market this setup. It’s completely safe, and I have absolutely no dependence on needing anyone else down on deck to get me up to the top, or back down….and it’s actually really fun….coming down is like slow-motion rapelling down the side of a mountain ! 🙂

Sincerely, Jeff Stennett – On Magothy, off the Chesapeake, Maryland


I think it took me more time to get this letter to you than it did for you to complete the work on my sail. I know that when I approved the work and asked how long it would be I was told 12 to 14 weeks. I said that I could use it sooner if possible, but I didn’t expect to receive it 2 weeks later. I do thank you for your quick service and I have been able to use the sail since receiving it. It looks like new and I just want to let you know that I am very pleased with the results and the personal service. – Sincerly, Louis Aliotta (Southport NC)

I just received my sails back from you guys. I was suprised when I opened the box. My 30 year old sails came back whiter than a wedding dress! And the repairs, new numbers and modifications are great. Excellent work! Thanks. I’ll recomend you to the rest of my local sailing community. Its just too bad that its 20 below and spring is still 4 months away here. – Paul Herting, Watertown, SD

The Genoa and Mainsail for my Grampian 30 arrived today, Monday, Jan 21. They look OUTSTANDING!! I can’t IMAGINE that EVERYONE who owns a sailboat does NOT send their precious and EXPENSIVE sails to “Sailcare” for this kind of attention. I of course am taking the opportunity to tell ALL of my sailing friends about the fantastic work that SailCare has done on ALL three of my rather old, badly soiled sails. Also the repair work performed on the clue and foot of the mainsail looks terrific as does the entire cleaning – refurbishing job. Thanks once again for a superb job extremely well done. – Sam Collins

I want to let you know how happy I am with my sails. I just received them back from SailCare, and I almost can’t believe they are the same sails that I sent in a few weeks ago. My furling mainsail had been stored in the mast outdoors for a few years and had some nasty stains where water and dirt had gotten in. Now it looks new! My furling genoa had fewer stains, but the sunbrella fabric was quite dirty, the “clear” plastic window was greyed, and much of the stitching was disintegrating. With new stitching and a new window, this sail also looks and feels new! I couldn’t be happier!  Thanks! – Dana LeMoine

I got the furling line and sail stays on Friday, as promised. FINALLY got the boat home, sailed more than half the way (the wind did not cooperate). The sails looked and performed like new, the furler made taking the jib in and out effortless. Overall, I was thrilled with your work. Best regards, Matt Fahey

I finally got an opportunity to unpack and inspect the washing and repair services performed on my 33 years old working jib. It looks and feels FABULOUS!! It could easily be mistaken for a brand new sail. Please express my thanks to everyone who worked on making our modest little old sail look like as good as new. Obvioulsy I will tell my friends about your services as well as sending the remainder of my sail inventory to Sail Care over the coming off-season. Best Regards, Sam Collins

I got the sail back on Wednesday of this past week. It looks terrific! Great job on the batten pockets – I just have to pick up a new batten now, to replace the one I lost last summer. Thanks again. – Jacob Pinsky

The sail and furler arrived and I spent the weekend putting it all together.. The furler is great – you did an outstanding job of measuring – all the pieces fit and drilling was not needed at all. I was intimidated by this do it yourself project, but I took my time and worked alone and got it done. My only improvised task was to work around about 18″ of turnbuckles and shackels at the base of my forestay.

I loosened the backstay as much as possible and put lots of tension on my jib sheet (acting as the forestay) to pull the mast forward. I replaced the clumbsy hardware with chain and attached this forestay extension to the chain plate on the bow. Released the jib halyard and tightened the back stay. Worked Great. The sail is just beautiful – I can not believe this was my old baggy sail! The shamrock was just the right touch – She looks and sails like the classic she is. A fine old lady. Many thanks, will be sending you my main sail in fall – Jim Higgins
Irish Mist

Wow !!!! Are we impressed with what you did with our old sails !!!! We would never have beleived that 25 year old sails would have come back like they did, They are like almost brand new. We are very very impressed with what you did with them ,and will not hesitate to spread the word at every opportunity. Very good work, we thank you for a job well done! – Bob And Debbie Serotini

Nice work! We launched Fula Beans on Monday, stepped the mast yesterday morning, bent on all the sails, and at noon motored out the Merrimac River into a fine east wind that gradually turned south. Our destination was Ipswich inlet and our mooring in a muddy tidal river, about twenty miles total.


THE REMOVAL OF THE REEF POINTS AND CRINGLES ON THE STAYSAIL LOOKS FINE, THE NEW SUNBRELLA COVER IS BEAUTIFULLY STITCHED. Thanks for the extra you spent on shipping to our deadline when work piled up. We reached our mooring at 4 p.m. The grandkids arrived at 6 p.m. – Sincerely, Bob Brodsky

I am THRILLED with the wonderful job you did on my Shore Sails Tanzer 16 spinnaker revival patch. No one could have done a better job. Thank you so much! Tomorrow we are taking it to the Mayors Cup in Greensboro, NC to defend our lead in the Tanzer 16 South Atlantic Yacht Racing Association series championship. If we mess up, at least we can’t blame it on the spinnaker patch :^) Fair winds, PT

My buddy, son and I took my Newport 28 BLUE MOON to her summer home this past weekend. The sails look great, set great; noticed a few details I hadn’t noticed before pressing them on, attention to the little things is very appreciated, noted some new stitching here and there. Gave you a little plug in this photo album. Did I mention they look great? Thanks – Matt McCay

I just wanted to write to tell you how much I appreciate the great job you did on my sails. I went out for the first  time yesterday, and when I saw how well you re-conditioned my sails, I was amazed! I will recommend Sail Care to everyone. Thank you for the great service. – Jerry Nichols

Hello SailCare

I just wanted to drop you a note and thank you for the excellent service you gave me on my sail to correct the error that was made. I was very impressed with the speed at which you repaired the problem and returned my sail. You stood by your word for that I am grateful. BTW the sail looks great thanks again, Thank you – Keith Hagarman

I received my main back today and I just can’t believe it. The sail is beautiful. Since first using Sailcare 2 years ago, I have recommended you highly to my Club and several members have used your services. Well I ran into a slight issue at the end of last season and I was not looking forward to seeing those same members this season. I e-mailed you with the problem and in less than 1 hour, no hesitation, no questions, you gave me your shippers number and I sent my main back at no cost to me. I have never experienced a response like that from any company, large or small. I should know, I am in the Services business myself with a Fortune 350 company. Jerry, you got it! YOU make Sailcare easier to deal with than dealing with my family! Best regards and happy sailing, – Curt

finally had a chance to take a look at the sails you recently returned to me…….and they look incredible. Please pass on a word of thanks to your entire staff for not only the wonderful product, but also for their courtesy and professionalism during the process. – James Elias

My sail has been delivered, looking just like new, of course! Many thanks for your courtesy! I have already sung SailCare’s praises to our Club; but I will repeat it, noting: “They get it right, or they make it right!” – Rabbi Stephen A. Arnold

First of all I was very surprised to see the box on the porch today and when I opened it and saw the sails inside I was afraid to look at the invoice because I thought there was a mistake and I was sent new sails and would be charged for two NEW sails!!!! That how great they look and how crisp our sails feel!!!! These are 30+ year old sails and they look and feel like new!!!

It snowed here yesterday about 20 inches in the last week and I was resolved to a longer winter but now I can not wait for this stuff to melt, get warm, and get the boat in the water to show off my like-new sails!!!! The cleaning and conditioning unsurpassed. I wish I would have taken before picture to just show everyone the extreme cleaning you are able to due. The repair work is impeccable and the leech line work flawless!!! The new insignias make it look like a time warp back to 1972!!! You are the greatest!!! NO regrets or second thoughts here!!!!

Philip C. & Georgeann M. Knier

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