Count on SailCare for Sail Cleaning

PLEASE NOTE: Laminate sails, Mylar/Kevlar, cannot be processed. Some can be repaired or modified, however, so please give us a call at 800-433-7245 or 724-763-1773 before you send them.

SailCare’s LaMauney Reconditioning Process Brings Sails Back to Life!

SailCare’s unique LaMauney reconditioning process is more than just a cleaning technique – it’s a true reconditioning procedure that cleans, protects, and restores sails to like-new condition.

  • The LeMauney process begins with our inspection of each sail. Sails are measured, inspected for needed repairs, and the cloth checked for deterioration from the sun.
  • Then the sails are carefully cleaned.
  • Cleaning is followed by the re-resining process, which involves impregnating the cloth with resins and setting these resins with controlled heat.
  • A fungicidal agent is added to inhibit mildew growth, another agent is added for water repellency, and a third agent provides ultraviolet protection.
  • When these steps are completed, the sails are once again inspected and then packaged for shipping.

Your sail will be clean, free of most wrinkles, and the cloth will have a new stiffness. The existing shape of the sail will be maintained since the LaMauney Process is designed to control the bias stretch of the cloth. The smoothness of the cloth combined with the re-resining will enable your sail to take on its best shape.

SailCare’s LaMauney Process really does make old sails like new. See for yourself – watch the video below:

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