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At SailCare it’s all about you, the customer – making sure you get the best service possible is our number one priority. We pride ourselves on handling each and every order with personal care and attention, making sure that we meet your needs, and hopefully exceeding your expectations. Below are some unsolicited letters from satisfied customers.

Thank you for the quick turn around on the main sail.  I rigged the sailboat today and spent the day sailing and I am very satisfied with the main sail and jib.  Given that I did not have sails to give you as a pattern, the fit is perfect.  The color selection is just right. Again, I am impressed with the quality and workmanship of the sails I received. – Earl Lybarger

note: drawing used to create sail is below

Thank you for your hard work and excellent quality! Aaron Gouge


Hi, just put up our mainsail today and was blinded by the brightness of the clean sail!!! You all did a superb job repairing & cleaning it & I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with it! Susan David

Dear Sail Care Team,
The sails and boat cover for my Herreshoff 12 1/5 arrived back yesterday.  I was incredibly impressed with the quality of your work.  I wish I had before and after photos.  The sails were soiled and covered with mold spots that I had tried to clean multiple times – without success. You have turned 20+ year old sails and made them look brand new.  I cannot wait for the weather to warm in Maine so that I can rig the boat with her “new” sails. Sincerely, Henry

This is to confirm that I received my repaired/cleaned main sail and genoa sail a day or two ago.  When I opened the box, I was amazed that your folding/rolling the sails into such small packages allowed them to  fit into one box.  I live in the Thousand Islands area of Upstate New York on the eastern side of Lake Ontario, so I have not and will not take the sails out of the box until I put them up on my boat in late April.  Still, I was able to get a glimpse of their restored condition and am amazed at how good they look.  I can’t wait to see them puffed out in the wind on my boat this summer. Thank you so much for your service and care of my sails. Donald Johnson, Watertown, NY

Good Afternoon SailCare Team!
Received my Beneteau 25 mainsail this morning; in a word: AWESOME!
Thank you so much for all you did to rejuvenate that sail.  I’ve had the boat for six seasons, but I think the sail was made in 1992 or ’93 if I understood the notations on the head.  My goodness, now it’s beautiful! Looks brand new and appears you resewed every seam, batten pockets, sail slides etc. New battens I requested fit perfectly. There’s only one problem: I can’t sail it for another three months! Chautauqua Lake is still hard! LOL
Thanks again, Steve Schiavone

The sail came and it looks like you sent me a brand new sail! Thank you and merry Christmas. Kevin Coursen

Thank you for the expert repairing and cleaning of our Lightning sail. It looks brand new. Can’t wait for spring sailing. Thanks also for boxing it and Fedexing it back!!  Bob&Jo Jackson

I want to thank you for the great service I received when I brought in my MacGregor 26M sails for cleaning and repair last month (September). I dropped them off on a Monday, and was able to pick them up the following Friday on my return trip from Pittsburg back to Johnstown. This saved me shipping costs as well as giving me a chance to look at your operation and to meet some of your fine employees. I WILL be recommending your services to my fellow sailors. Thanks again – Dale C., Neenah, Wisconsin

I recently contacted Sailcare for information on repair of two old, stained and damaged sails. In all honesty I didn’t hold out much hope that they were salvageable but I sent them off anyway. I was contacted shortly after their arrival and was given an estimated cost. Still sceptical that they could be brought back to their original condition, I agreed to the scope of work as replacement would have been significantly more expensive. I received my sails back yesterday. I could barely believe that they were the battered old sails that I had sent off a few weeks before. I cannot express how happy I am with the quality of workmanship, efficiency and professionalism. I would not hesitate to use them again and would be happy to recommend to anybody. – Steve Bussey

Hey there, SailCare!
Just saying thanks for a wonderful job you folks did on my main sail for my Catalina 36. You took care of the jib about two years ago. Now, both sails match and look new. Great dealing with you, too. In about a month, I will be on the Chesapeake showing them off!!! Sailing better, too. – Steven

I purchased the 02 900 boom vang this spring. Just to let you know, I am very pleased with it and would recommend it to anyone with a boat in the 22 ft. range. It was about 1/2 the price of the “big name” sailboat hardware providers. I have a Capri 22 Standard Rig.  – Roy

I spoke with someone earlier today and he was very helpful. I hate I didn’t get his name. This is my first boat and am still a novice sailor. I really appreciate his help getting things lined up. I found a less expensive service in Ft Lauderdale, they actually responded quicker and could turn them around in 3 days. After talking with you there was no question where I would do business. I work in healthcare and it is my experience that the guy that can get you in tomorrow has an open schedule for a reason. Some things are worth waiting for. I just wanted to let someone know you have someone great answering the phone. I put the sails in the mail via fed ex at noon. Thanks for all your help. Can’t wait to see the sails all cleaned up.

To everyone at Sailcare,
We just installed our sails this past weekend. They looked great! Thanks so much for a great job! – Kiz Smith

Subject: you are a GREAT company
I have to tell you that picking Sailcare to clean and recondition my sails was the best decision made aboard Lazy Susan. Every now and then things go wrong its part of life, what we do when that happens is the important thing. I can’t thank you enough for being there when I had problems. I really mean it and have never written to a company to praise their level of service but the way you care about the customer and put yourself in their shoes is a lost quality in this country’s service industry. Your professionalism is legendary. As long as I am able to raise a sail Sailcare is the company thats cleaning and stiching it. So I say thank you Dan and Jerry. – Bill Martin

I received the extra small sail bags today. They are the perfect size for my sails that you reconditioned. I have done business with SailCare for over 15 years (3 different sailboats) and have never been disappointed. I think the three things which sums up SailCare and its great employees are customer service, customer service, and customer service! Thank you for for the great job. It is truly a pleasure doing business with you. – Greg Little, West Wight Potter 19

I just received my sails (1988 Nimble, original sails) after repairs and processing by Sailcare. Wow! The repairs are neat and strong, and the overall condition of the sails is very much improved, in spite of their age and the fact that they are Tanbark. Just excellent work, reasonable price and excellent customer contact and followup. I couldn’t be more pleased. – JLD

The two sails arrived safely in Princeton today – as promised. It looks like another professional job. Thanks for the good work you do. – Alt and Joan Bassett

Hello. as a former user of Sailcare and the current administrator of the Watkins Yahoo site I thought I would send these recent comments from one of our members as to their opinion on your services. These are not the first endorsements for your company, just the most recent and I thought that you would like to know that Sailcare is highly regarded by on-line Watkins Sailboat Association members. Also this May we will be hosting our 10th Annual Watkins Chesapeake Bay Rendezvous. – Paul Lapointe, Commodore, Watkins On-line Sailing Association and Watkins Chesapeake Bay Sailing Association.

I used Sail Care, as it was highly recommended by our group. I sent out both Main and 130 jib for our W29, both were North sails. I was very pleased with the repair work they did on both sails. and all of your rec. was the turning point of who would do the work, and it was very wise of me to take those rec. and use Sail care, when the sails came to the house and I was able to unfold the sails in the living room and found that they looked great. I did notice that the loft had replaced my yarn tells with colored (red and Green) rip-stop and I E-Mailed them about how great the sails looked but I made a comment about how they had replaced my yarn tails with rip-stop tails, and that was all it was, just a comment (no big deal) BUT they took it on themselves and mailed me a new set of yarn tails and a package of shroud tells. I was more than suprised at there response. I am very happy with this Co. not only their work but their action to make me happy. I would highly recommend this Co. and wish to thank all in our group that took the time to recommend this Co. THANKS AGAIN to all– MIKE

You folks did a repair and recondition of my Oday 26 150 genoa. Just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with the sail. Thanks for a good job. – Jim Gerlach

We launched the Cape Dory last week and used the new jenny for the first time. We are very pleased with it and the fit and cut seems to be perfect. Thanks very much for your help! I’ll be glad to recommend your services to anyone. – Regards, Ralph

We got our new main last week for our Com Pac 16. This weekend I finally was able to sail with it and it is fantastic. The boat moved so well that I didn’t bother putting up the jib. Thanks for the great job. And the jib looks like a new sail after your cleaning. I’ll certainly be using your services in the future and recommending you to all who ask. Thanks again, Victor Semensi

Just wanted to let you know how very pleased I am with the new main you made for my boat. It rolls in and out of the in mast furler nice and smoothly and sets beautifully. The construction quality shows and it fits just right. Excellent job! A couple pictures are attached taken from on the boat sailing in light winds. Thanks again! – Tom Corby

Although you received my sails last fall and shipped them in February, I just got them on the boat. I want you to know how pleased we are with the appearance. A friend, who is an experienced and longtime sailor, at first thought they were new. They are beautiful. The class insignia, numbers and telltales also look great. The sun band on the genoa now matches our bimini and sail cover.

A small touch that you add paid off handsomely: When you shipped the sails in February, they went into the garage at our children’s home. It’s an old garage and the box sat on the floor. Dirty water saturated the bottom of the box. When I saw it a few days ago, my heart sank. But you packed the sails in a poly bag inside the box and they were spared a dirty soaking. Keep up the good work. We’ll spread the word. – Sid Bergman

I just bent my sails on my IP 27. Wow, they look great. Everyone thinks I got a new set of sails. Thanks.
Smooth sailing, – Dick Mead

Many thanks for your extra consideration and care in restoring my main sail. It looked great and sailed well on our old Ericson 27 here in Punta Gorda. You went the extra mile and managed to get the sail here prior to Nov 8th and that was greatly appreciated. Jerry Miesner was right when he told me how terrific you folks are. Again great thanks for all your efforts. – Don Fortunato

Thanks so much for the amazing job you did cleaning my mainsail. I stopped by your booth at the Annapolis boat show last fall and received information and saw a demo sample of the SailCare cleaning process. My mainsail was cleaned over the winter. Memorial Day was my boat’s maiden sail of the season. On this sailing trip I was able to fully see the sail and the wonderful cleaning job. It is truly amazing. The sail looks and feels like new.

I am the original owner of my boat. It is a 1983 Ticon, purchased in 1984. The mainsail is the original sail (admittedly somewhat lightly used and well maintained). Even so, the sail is twenty-six years old. To restore it to it’s original like new appearance and texture is fantastic. What a joy to have a service turn out as advertised. I am showing off the clean sail to all my sailing friends and marina buddies. Again, thank you so much for a great job. – Sincerely, Susan

I received my sails back today. They look great, for sails that are 42 years old (assuming they are the original sails & I think they are) they look like new. Not only that but the repairs and improvements you added were beyond my expectations, also they were delivered on my doorstep about three weeks before I expected them. While it will be 4 – 6 weeks before I can try them out, I have absolutely no doubt but what the performance will be enhanced. You have made me a happy sailor, although I will have to wait until the local water becomes liquid again. – Paul Breeding, Broomfield Co

It was a gorgeous day down here on the Severn so I thought I’d mount the bimini you guys made for me (on my Bombay Trading Company 26). Beautiful Job! Can’t wait to break out the clean sails and the sail cover. Thanks again, – Rich F

Just a brief note of appreciation for the exceptional service which you have given for my sail repair project. I had found you through the Miami Boat show, a year ago, and had sent my sails in for “renewal.” You did a wonderful job in making my older sails seem brand new. And, when I called you in September to ask how I might clean the sails from mildew, you offered to take them back and clean them for no charge. And, when they came back, you stated that – for no charge – you would also make some modifications to the UV panel. Your team is fantastic….I hope everyone with sails has the experience of working with your firm. – Don Voigt, P.E.

As you remember back in Early December, I had some type of problem with my main sail ( the condition and shape). The sail had been cleaned and stored by the previous owner. I contacted Sail Care who had previously treated the sail. I went to the St Pete boat show to lookup Jerry from Sail Care. Jerry reviewed my pictures and said I’ll have the sail picked up at your house and send to my loft. He had his people retreat my main sail and returned it to me at NO CHARGE. He said we stand behind our service. Today, I was out sailing in 10 knots of winds and the shape of the main is perfect. Thanks, Jerry. You have made me one of the your sales people. – Jim Peta, Catalina 30

Thanks for supporting the Mutineer Class Nationals, Battle in Bama. I buy your products because they are rock solid and your support is simply the best. Thanks. – Jerry Thompson

Got the sails back up last week, tried them out in 10 -15 kts. Looks great, sails great, you guys are great. THANKS!! Will highly recommend. – Tom (MarTek Davits)

I just want to express our appreciation for the work you did on our genoa. We finally got some summer weather in RI, so my wife and I spent the last 4 days sailing Narragansett Bay. We had two very breezy days. On Monday, we were running down wind in 25+ knot winds. Yesterday we were beating/reaching in the Atlantic off of Newport, RI in 15-20 knots and our “new” sail did great. The only problem is that the “new” sail makes our mail and mittzen sails look pretty bad, so we will have more work for you over the coming winter. Again, thanks to all. – Best wishes, Chris Brown

I just wanted to send a letter thanking everyone at Sailcare. Since the Tampa boat show in 2008, when held tickets for me after I drove down from Jacksonville, to my latest order, everyone at Sailcare seems to go out of their way to make sure you get what you need, when you need it. Highest remarks for the Sailcradle that I purchased last year. The last order, all custom made covers were of the greatest quality and even greater pricing. Sailcare is the first place I look whenever I start making project lists. I’ve had several people ask about the Mark IV sail cradle, and have told them about Sailcare. Please pass along my thanks to all the great people at Sailcare. – Sincerely, Chris Addington, Jacksonville, FL

Just a note to say Thank You for the beautiful job on my new mainsail. The craftsmanship and performance are both incredible. I wasn’t sure a new sail was the right decision, but now I’m absolutely sure it was. I also want to thank you for taking the high road on the main I sent in for cleaning. I see you must have been working on it when I decided to have the new sail built. The fact that you never brought it up to save the work speaks volumes of your integrity. I only wish I weren’t the only sailboat in my marina so I could recommend your business to more people. I’ll get the word out any chance I get. Thank You Again, – Marty & Leah Sampson, Lake of the Woods, MN

I got the sail yesterday and WOW!!! You guys did an AWSOME job! Fantastic! Looking at this sail flying brings joy to everyone! Thanks very much. I cant attach photos, but here is a link for photos. Feel free to advertise on your website with the photos. I’ll pass your business along to others. Thanks again! Paul

Our club newsletter, has some photos and text regarding our regatta using the OLD sails that you re-conditioned for us. We had no complaints about the sails, but lots about the temps! It was cold. I can’t say enough about your company and the service you provide. We now have like-new sails that will serve us for years. The repairs and renumbering came out great.
Regards, David Dobbs, JPYC

I have received the sail you refurbished for me. I had seen your work before but could not believe the condition the sail was returned in. You made a 36 year old blown out sail look new again. Fantastic job! There are a lot of Mutineer and Buccaneer sailors that have the same old sails that I did and could use your service. I would like to invite you to be a sponser for the 2009 Mutineer nationals, which will be held here in Alabama. I will be using the sail at the event. You will not have to attend the event but we would love to have you do so. If you are interested, then I will put out any material that you wish and act as your spokesperson while demonstrating what a fantastic job you do with old sails. Thanks again! – James Carr

I am happy to report that we successfully installed the furling system this past weekend. It took a little longer than I expected, but for the first time, things went pretty smoothly. I found that to connect my forestay, that I had to leave it pretty loose. Then I removed the drum from the two brackets, tightened up the turnbuckle on the forestay, and then resecured the drum, tightened the backstay, and put the jib on. Fortunately, the halyard didn’t wrap around the forestay when we furled the jib, so I didn’t need to climb the mast and install the fitting for the halyard. One major difference I noticed as compared to the CDI furler, is that the Plastimo is much lighter! Thanks for your recommendation and for getting this to me timely. – Gary Pack

I just got my sails and unpacked them. My son and I unrolled each in our basement just to see how they turned out. WOW, they look great! I can’t wait too try them out this spring. Thank you so much. You folks are a class act. You went the extra mile to create products of real quality! Thank you so much. What a value! – Sincerely, Chris Bucheit

My sail arrived today and looks great. Thanks for the super service and outstanding job on my sail that now looks like new. Our spring launch is in about a month (last year on April 15th) so looking forward to trying out the “new” sail. – Gene

I got the sail this morning and what a nice surprise upon opening the box. The sail looks awesome, for a moment I thought you had send me a new sail by mistake, lol. There will be a proud sailor sailing up and down the Saint Lawrence this season, thanks to you. Thanks for working out with my special circumstance. I can tell that you are in this for the love of sailing. Regards, Carlos Daniel Perrone, Cornwall, Ontario

This testimonial is long overdue. I wanted you both to know how pleased I have been with the service and workmanship you and your crew have provided. My hope is that if you have other potential customers looking for a vendor to provide them with a wide variety of services they will be put at ease with my comments.

As you know, I first became acquainted with Sail Care at the 2007 Annapolis Sailboat Show. After probing Sam for as much information as humanly possible I decided that Sail Care would provide the best solution for restoring my main and jib sails. Thinking I was getting a head start on the 2008 sailing season, I sent my badly torn sails from my 1978 Hunter for reconstructive surgery in early March. Not only was I wrong about getting off to a quick start but I had under estimated the damage to the 30 year old mail sail. You informed me that you could repair the small rip in the jib, condition the fabric and replace the furling band. But because of the age and condition of the main sail my dollars would be better spent on a new sail. Ikes, I wasn’t prepared for that extra expense. Especially since I also needed covers for both the main sail and helm. The price you quoted to make a new main sail was more than fair.

Long story short, I’m so pleased with the new main sail, the reconditioning of the jib, and the covers. They look great and perform exceptionally well! As you know, I’ve since ordered padded life lines, wench covers and a custom made crowel cover. My Hunter no longer looks like a relic from the late 70’s but a vessel I’m proud to sail and invite others aboard. Thank you!
David Knight, Pasadena, MD

Today I received the sail you cleaned for me and the results are incredible. The boat the sail came from was “stored” in the weeds for 10 years and wasn’t touched once. Its cover, a blue tarp, had disintegrated years ago. This furling jib lay wrapped around the forestay in the boat’s cockpit for 10 years. It had moss growing on it, stains from lines and I was convinced it would be returned with green stains and look sort of like an old workout T-shirt, but you cleaned it to like new condition. Incredible. I’m sorry I didn’t take any “before” pictures. I’m blown away by the results! Thanks for a job extremely well done. – Bill Herrick

Just wanted to tell you guys that I couldn’t be more pleased with the mainsail that I sent to you for cleaning. I just got it back and if I didn’t know I would swear it is a new sail. The staff is very courteous and professional and the result was eyepopping. I can’t wait to hit the lake. Again, thank you so much. – Steven C. Bender, New Baden, Illinois

Just wanted to drop you a line and tell you the sails arrived back here two weeks ago – and they look great! Thank you for the excellent work and the good service. I will make sure to recommend your company to others. – John DeCarli

I received my sails yesterday and was just amazed.They look like new and the modifications and repair looks great.Thank you very much. – Regards, Gene Hess

I writing to thank you and the crew for the great job you did on our genoa, main,and bimini. Since you recut the genoa with the added sunband it sets much better and has given us another knot or maybe two of speed. Our Columbia 8.3 meter sloop has never been this fast. Both sails look fantastic, nobody here will believe that our sails are thirty years old. I tell everyone about your loft, thanks again – Bill and Marilyn Tock, S/v Someday, Burnham Harbor Chicago

I received the sail yesterday and I wanted to thank you and your staff for their wonderful work on our genoa. The quality is the best and their attitude is the greatest. I have had sails done before and will continue to do so in the future. Thanks again and keep up the great work. Thank Sam for the ticket offer. I will let her know if we plan to attend next year. – Susan Leaf, Keokuk, Iowa

Just wanted to let you folks know how happy you helped make a little boy in Miami! Kiko adores his new sail and I have to say, having worked several summers for Hood Sailmakers in Marblehead, your work was first rate – a beautiful job. Thanks so much for giving your best effort on this relatively small order. – Kindest regards, Andy

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