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No matter what your rope, line and cordage needs – sheets, lines, halyards, anchor lines, reefing lines, or reefing ties, you can count on SailCare for the high quality you want at a low price you can afford!

Novabraid XLE Performer Rope – The SMART Rope Choice!

Built to Perform * Built to Last * Built in North America * Novabraid XLE is great choice at a great price!

Crafted from premium 100% polyester yarns, XLE 3 ply 16 carrier construction cover has a nice round shape to run easily through blocks while providing great grip in rope clutches and jam cleats. Novatec’s engineering expertise has designed XLE rope with very low stretch without sacrificing strength. XLE’s colorfast Firebright 2000 thread is solution dyed to keep looking great for years. To minimize abrasion damage, XLE has a durable marine finish that repels dirt and moisture and allows for easy handling in the worst conditions.

And best of all, Novabraid XLE is made in Novatec Braids’ waterfront ISO 9001 certified North American factory in the heart of the Canadian Maritimes. With low stretch and good handling characteristics, XLE makes the ideal rope for halyards, jib and genoa sheets, reef lines and lazy jacks, vangs, outhauls, topping lifts, and furling lines. XLE is easy to splice, and its low torque construction keeps twists and kinks to a minimum. Novabraid, North America’s Fastest Growing Brand of Marine Ropes.

Red White & Blue Line

3/16″ .33 PER FT
1/4″ .40 PER FT
5/16″ .56 PER FT
3/8″ .67 PER FT

XLE by Novabraid – high performance polyester fiber rope

• High tenacity polyester fiber rope; easy to handle & splice with maximum abrasion resistance.
• A marine finish cover yarn provides greater strength and durability.
• XLE rope runs easily through block and multiple part block systems and resists kinking.

XLE Rope Colors

White rope with tracers: Solid white rope with white tracers or white rope with blue, red, green, and black tracers
Colored rope with tracers: Solid red, green, blue, or black rope with white tracers
Colored rope without tracers: Solid blue, red, green, black, gray or tan rope

Rope Size Selection Guide

Choosing the right rope size is crucial to ensuring strength, durability, and performance. Use the simple chart below to determine what size rope will work best for various applications on your boat.

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