Knot Tying Resources

Want to brush up on your knot tying skills? Here are some great resources!

How To Tie A Blood Knot – by Sail Care

ANIMATION!! Animated Knots by Grog

Boating Knots – Four Knots Every Boater Should Know

How To Tie Boating Knots

VIDEO!! How To Tie The Cleat Knot Easily

ANIMATION!! Some Useful Sailing Knots

VIDEO!! Knots

Seven Essential Knots For Sailors

VIDEO!! Nine Most Useful Sailing Knots

Boating Basics Online

How To Tie Three Important Sailing Knots

VIDEO!! Know Your Knots

VIDEO!! How To Tie A Bowline Knot

ANIMATION!! Rope Knots by Pro-Knot

VIDEO!! Basic Boating Knots

VIDEO!! Eight Knots A Boater Should Know

VIDEO!! How To Tie Sailing Knots

ANIMATION!! Rope Knots

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