New Sails by Sail Care

Whether your sailing plans take you across the lake or around the world, you can count on our new sails to get you there and back again safely …. time after time!


While cleaning and refurbishing your sails is our real passion, sometimes new sails are the best option. Occasionally we find that after measuring and inspecting your sail it might actually be in your best interest to put the cost of cleaning and repair into a new sail.

If the cost to clean, repair, or modify your sail exceeds one half the cost of replacement, we will work up a price for a new sail so you can make an informed, no-guesses decision on which way to go. We want you to have all the information you need to make that decision.

New Sails Customized for You

A sail should be as unique as its boat and owner. Your new sail from Sail Care is a truly customized sail, built for you, your boat, and your cruising plans.

So now the decision to buy a new sail becomes a paramount decision! That’s where we can help. In the 20+ years we have been cleaning and repairing sails we have seen sails from most every new sail maker. It has given us a lot of insight on the best way to build a sail, what kind of cloth to use, and what kind of hardware seems to work best.

Most important, this experience taught us the method and layout to use in build this new sail so we can give you absolutely the most bang for your buck.

We take great care in building sails that will withstand the test of time and the trials of the sea. Each new sail starts out as a three-dimensional computer model and is cut from the finest Dacron sailcloth to within a half a millimeter of accuracy. Every seam is glued and triple-stitched with durable, ultraviolet-resistant thread to maximize the sail’s long-term durability.

Corners are reinforced with multiple layers of fabric in broad squares to amplify the sail’s stretch resistance and durability at the points of maximum load. Corner rings, either welded SS O-rings or HD SS press rings, are further imbedded into the sail with layers of hand-sewn webbing.

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