How We Measure and Evaluate Your Sails for Sail Cleaning

PLEASE NOTE: Laminate sails, Mylar/Kevlar, cannot be processed. Some can be repaired or modified, however, so please give us a call at 800-433-7245 or 724-763-1773 before you send them.

When you send us your sails for sail cleaning, sail restoration, or sail repair, we follow a standard routine for measuring and evaluating. When your sail arrives, it is laid out and measured so that correct square footage can be determined, and then it is given an invoice/tracking number.

Next your sail is gone over, all 3 sides – Leech, Foot & Luff. Prime areas of concern are the Batten Pockets, Leech edge of the sail, Head, Tack & Clew areas, and all the seams. The cloth is tested for strength and durability.

All of the information is then entered into our system and an estimate is prepared and sent to you. After cleaning the sail is again inspected to see if we have missed any repairs or adjustments. If any are found, we will contact you before proceeding. If we have your OK, the sail is moved to the loft for repair. When finished it is inspected once again before being sent back to you. If all is OK, your sail is on its way back to you.

Should you care to measure your sails, use the formulas below and refer to the examples of each type of sail shown. The dimension LP for headsail measurement is a perpendicular line (90 degrees) from the luff passing through the clew (the shortest distance from the luff to the clew).

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