Chafe-Pro Yacht Grade Series

Chafe-Pro’s Yacht Grade Series is the ultimate removeable chafe gear designed for mooring lines, eye splices, and general line applications where chafe is a problem.

Chafe-Pro’s very successful commercial grade chafe gear has been adapted for the pleasure boat market.

The yacht grade series consists of an outer layer of Chafe-Pro’s proprietary Nylon weave combined with their patented hook- and-loop closure system. Chafe-Pro can be easy installed on lines already in place and no lacing or lashing is required.

Designed to protect your mooring & dock lines from the harshest of marine environments, Chafe-Pro is guaranteed to outperform all other chafe prevention alternatives under similar conditions.

Chafe-Pro’s Yacht Grade Series was the only chafe gear to receive an excellent rating by Practical Sailor magazine.

Chafe-Pro Barracuda
The most durable of the Yacht Grade series. Barracuda has an additional outer layer of marine-grade Polyester over the inner layer of heavy-grade nylon. Barracuda was originally designed specifically for use on the US Coast Guard 87 foot Protector-class. special order

Chafe-Pro Wooly
Made from 100% premium New Zealand sheep’s wool. The Chafe-Pro Wooly will protect gel coat and other painted surfaces from unwanted blemishes caused by dock and fender lines. Guaranteed not to bleed or stain and designed to match the elegance of the yacht they protect. Special order

Chafe-Pro Commercial Grade
Chafe-Pro’s commercial grade series was developed to protect mooring lines from pier and/or chock abrasion and to protect lines used for towing. The commercial grade chafe gear is constructed of multiple layers of Chafe-Pro’sspecially formulated and designed heavy-duty nylon weaves. The layering technique used in the Commercial Series is designed to provide maximum flexibility, ease of application, long life, while also providing long chafe-resistant service. Typical application includes use in heavy mooring/anchoring and towing operations. Abrasion testing has shown Chafe-Pro’s Commercial Grade chafe gear to be more resistant to chafe abrasion than marine-grade fire hose and chafing gear made from such materials as HMW-PE (polyethylene), Kevlar, etc. In stock

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