Fend-Fix Single Handed Fender Fastener Control

Who doesn’t consider fastening the fender ropes on the lifeline/rail a tricky, uncomfortable task? It takes both hands, and fenders that have yet to be fastened must be put away on the deck, running the risk of rolling overboard. The height setting is rarely correct from the beginning, so you waste a lot of time making laborious after-adjustments. To prevent the fender from sliding sideward, the fender rope has to be tied so hard round the lifeline/rail that it is sometimes difficult to untie. And if the boat is rocking, the fender-handling is even more diffidult to master.

A good fender fastener control can make it easier but most fender controls just don’t function well. But Fend-Fix changes everything.

FEND-FIX solves the fender handling problems in a very simple and attractive way.

  • Single-handed control: fastening, height and lateral adjustment and also removel of the fender is easy and speedy. The other hand is free.
  • Resists lateral sliding on the liftline/rail, with a springy locking device that holds it secure no matter what the conditions.
  • Spool-shaped design is made of strong, weatherproof plastic.
  • Standard side fits 4 – 8 mm lifelines and 4 – 8 mm fender ropes.
  • Size XL fits 20-25 mm rails and 4 – 8 mm fender ropes.

Fend-Fix – Just $15 per package (comes packed 2 per package)

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