Mobri Radar Reflector

Should every boat have a radar reflector? You bet!

Anyone who sails a boat on open water or waterways that have a lot of commercial traffic should have a radar reflector. The decision as to which one is best can open a lot of discussion. A number of leading boating magazines have published test results and it’s interesting to note that even they can’t agree on which is the best or does the best job.

We could go on and on about all the advantages the Mobri Radar Reflector has over all the other units on the market … like its unique size (22-1/2″) and recommended mounting position, its light weight (13 oz.), and low cost. But its biggest advantage is that it WORKS BETTER!!

At 18′ off the water with a cross-section (a widely used method for measuring radar reflectors) of 2m2, this translates to a range of up to 18 nautical miles.

Since its introduction in Europe in 1980, the Mobri Radar Reflector outsells all other radar reflectors combined by a ratio of 4 to 1. Since introduced to the US market in ’93, the Mobri S-2 has become the standard by which all others are measured.

And finally, a few years ago the US Coast Guard completed an 18-month long study of radar reflectors. Their goal was to find the best reflector for use in the new recycled plastic channel they are going to in a US waterways. The Mobri S-2 was chosen hands down over all others and is in service today marking all out channels!

The Mobri S-2 sells for $60 each or a pair for $110.00

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