Snatch Blocks by Barton from Sail Care

Our ever popular range of snatch blocks,
featuring rugged construction with an easy open/close action.

Four sizes, accepting lines up to 16mm
The range features a choice of stainless snap shackles, chromed bronze snap shackle or stainless steel “D” shackle.

Small Snatch Blocks
Unique to Barton, these are probably the smallest block of this type available. Extremely compact and strong, with a multitude of uses on cruising or racing yachts where a large unit is not required. Available with a stainless steel or chromed bronze snap shackle.

Lightweight Snatch Blocks
Designed for application on dinghies, dayboats, or light cruising yachts where a high load capacity is not required. A pivoting side opening action allows for easy entry of sheets and lines. Available with a stainless steel snap shackle or “D” shackle.

Important note on Snatch Blocks: when using snatch blocks on a toe rail, a bungee line should be attached to the becket to prevent the block “tumbling” and causing damage by snagging

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