Stainless Steel Rubbing Strakes And Adhesive Wear Discs


 By popular demand Barton Marine introduces a range of stainless steel rubbing strakes, to help prevent rope wear to deck edges and coamings. Available in three lengths these attractive strakes are easy to fit and will last a lifetime.


 Barton Marine’s new Kevlar wear and protection pads and discs are available now in all good Chandleries throughout Europe and the USA. Produced with a special high performance 3M pressure sensitive adhesive backing, the new wear pads show excellent resistance to edge lifting, immersion and exposure to salt water. The pads and discs are flexible, can be cut to size and will conform to curved or flat surfaces, they are ideal for preventing blocks and lines from damaging the deck and gelcoat. The rectangular wear pads are sold in pairs size 98 X 208 mm, and the 208mm discs are sold individually.

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