Sunbrella Fabrics

Yes, we do stock all colors of Sunbrella!

Experienced boat owners insist on Sunbrella fabrics because they understand that in the corrosive sea environment, Sunbrella marine fabrics never disappoint in beauty or quality.

Besides longevity and durability, Sunbrella fabrics also provide protection from the sun so your family can enjoy long hours on the water. Sunbrella fabrics carry the Skin Cancer Foundation’s Seal of Recommendation, giving you the added sun protection your boat, family and friends need.

While every boater loves the open water, you want the cabin of your boat to serve as a comfortable retreat. Mildew is an unwelcome guest on every boat. That’s why Sunbrella is the boating world’s choice for interior cushions and other cabin appointments.

Sunbrella comes in 46″ and 60″ width and on rolls 60 yards long. We can usually ship same or next day with your request. Some 60″ colors we might not have but can usually have it within a couple of days.

Price starts at $21.25 a yard for 46″ wide standard colors and $24.45 for premium colors. 60″ Sunbrella is slightly higher.

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