Topping Lift Kits

A versatile topping lift kit with an easy and quick built-in adjustment

Sail Care Topping Lift Kits are built using our data base on sail dimensions and averaging the leech measurements on 50 or more boats for every foot length from 15′ to 36′. This works well and helps us keep up with orders by having the cable portion of the kit made up in advance. However we check our data with each order to make sure we have given you enough adjustment in the lower section of the kit.

The topping lift kits were designed for just that purpose. And while the cable and multi-part tackle system is stronger than a solid rope system, care and forethought should be exercised before using the boom and topping lift on any boat for other than what it was intended and designed for.

If you expect your needs to go beyond the designed use of the topping lifts intended use, let us know and we can design a more robust system that will fulfill those needs.

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