Furlers: Plastimo Jib Reefing “S” Series

Boats from 4 to 10 Meters (14 to 33 ft.)

Enjoy family cruising or fishing with a perfectly peaceful mind: “S” headsail reefing gear is a totally reliable crewmember.

All moulded components are manufactured in Plastimo’s Lorient, France workshops, using high-pressure injection techniques. This engineering process gives the composite material properties which are comparable to certain metals, while remaining totally impervious to corrosion, therefore virtually maintenance free.

Our “S” series of headsail gears are extremely easy to install and take down. It requires no unstepping of the mast, and no modification of the forestay, thanks to a unique patented design which allows quick and easy installation directly on the tensioned forestay. The inner PVC liner is clipped onto the forestay and the aluminum spar slides easily over the PVC liner. The risk of tearing sails at junctions is therefore much reduced.

The unique design allows swift and easy installation directly on the tensioned forestay. Combined with the mounting of PVC and alloy spars alternatively, this system guarantees maximum performance and reliability on most types of yachts, without altering the boats original characteristics.

406 S : for boats from 4 to 6 m (14 to 20 ft)
The 406 T features all the advantages of a large headsail reefing sytem : Delrin® twin ball bearing races in both drum and halyard swivel. All components are manufactured from polyarylamide.

609 S : for boats from 6 to 8 m (20 to 26 ft)
The 608 S is fitted with twin ball bearing races – alternating Delrin® and stainless steel- and stemhead brackets with adjustable width. Besides their stylish design, the drum cheeks swivel through 360° : by providing the best angle to the line, the drum cheeks prevent snagging and chafing.

811 S : for boats from 8 to 10 m (26 to 33 ft)
Like the 608 S, the 810 S features drum cheeks that swivel through 360°, thus preventing snagging and chafing. Chainplates are fully adjustable, in order to adapt to either chainplate or turnbuckle mounting. The drum has a double set of Torlon Ball Bearings alternating with Delrin bearings for a smooth drum rotation with almost zero drag.

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