Furlers: Plastimo Jib Reefing “T” Series

Boats from 4 to 10 Meters (14 to 33 ft.)

For race enthusiasts, and also for sailors who find twin head sails more fun!

Using the same materials as the S Series, the T Series (“T” for Twin Groove) is equipped in series with a double groove, which allows using the jib reefing as a hollow twin-groove forestay when racing. The twin groove also makes it possible to set twin head sails rather than hoisting the spinnaker.

The new quick-coupling sleeves are screwed and make for a swift and easy installation directly on the tensioned forestay, requiring no unstepping of the mast and no modification of the forestay.

406 T : for boats from 4 to 6 m (14 to 20 ft)
The 406 T features all the advantages of a large headsail reefing sytem : Delrin® twin ball bearing races in both drum and halyard swivel. All components are manufactured from polyarylamide.

609 T : for boats from 6 to 8 m (20 to 26 ft)
The 608 T is fitted with twin ball bearing races – alternating Delrin® and stainless steel- and stemhead brackets with adjustable width. Besides their stylish design, the drum cheeks swivel through 360° : by providing the best angle to the line, the drum cheeks prevent snagging and chafing.

811 T : for boats from 8 to 10 m (26 to 33 ft)
Like the 608 T, the 810 T features drum cheeks that swivel through 360°, thus preventing snagging and chafing. Chainplates are fully adjustable, in order to adapt to either chainplate or turnbuckle mounting. The drum has a double set of Torlon Ball Bearings alternating with Delrin bearings for a smooth drum rotation with almost zero drag.

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