Sail Cradle MK IV

The Sail Cradle was not built as just another “Lazy Jack” system but was designed and engineered as a better mousetrap.

Using data from a spreadsheet program of luff and foot measurements along with mast height and boom length of over 50 boats of every foot length from 16′ to 43′, we were able to create six kits that cover all these boat sizes. This has allowed us to assemble kits on a semi-custom basis using quality line, hardware, etc. at an affordable price. If your boat is an extremely short rig 28′ sloop, or an unusually tall rig 31′ sloop, a step up or a step down in kit size should take care of it. Our database can assist in this choice.

If your boat is under 16′ or over 43′ or if you have an extra long boom, tall rig, catch rig, or Cat boat, etc., a kit can be built to meet your special needs. Just call us, we will be happy to do it for you!

Sail Cradle is a unique mainsail handling system that, once installed and deployed, allows you top drop your mainsail into a 3-stage cradle system that does the following:

  • Lets you drop and secure the main quickly, then finish the job back in the quiet of your harbor or after dropping anchor.
  • A great aid to single/short handed sailors or couples.
  • Keeps the mainsail from spilling off the boom and onto the deck. The main will stay clean longer.
  • Stows against the mast while sailing or not in use.
  • No modifications to the mainsail.
  • No lines to catch or interfere when hoisting the main or while sailing.
  • Does not interfere with running back stays.
  • Works will with conventional, ful batten sails or sails with no battens.
  • No lines in the way if you have to reef the mainsail.
  • No modifications to the mainsail cover.
  • Fits single or sultiple spreader rigs.
  • Deplays quickly when needed.
  • All stainless and marine hardware, plus a high-grade double braided polyester line and a highbred marine grade shock cord, both are UV treated.
  • All kits come with appropriate fasteners, drill bits, taps, screws, instructions, & a tube of Maralube corrosion protection.
  • 7 kit sizes to fit your boat.

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