Sail Guard Plus

Sail Guard Plus jib rollers are easy to install and use!

This Jib roller, sold in pairs, is light weight, UV-protected Delrin. It can be used on the spreader tips or life lines to help skirt the foot of the jib. It can also be used on backstays of catamarans or other boats with large roached mainsails.

Sail Guard Plus allows the sails to ride over and beyond obstructions by its rolling action. The wear and tear when tacking is thereby reduced and Sail Guard Plus clearly protects the sails in an ingeniously simple way.

Simple installation involves just two pieces of stainless steel clamps. The center hole in the roller is 6.5 MM and can be widened by boring up to 9MM when necessary.

Sail Guard Plus – $27.00 for pkg. of 2

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