Sail Jockey

Sail Care’s Sail Jockey is something no sailor should be without!

Our Sail Jockey “lives” under the boom where it’s ready for use when needed. No line or straps hanging down!

A simple motion pulls the cords up both sides of the boom, up and over the sail where they are joined together by a simple hook. The hooks are free to slide on the cord so they can be positioned where they will do the most good.

The Sail Jockey conforms to the shape and stack of the sail and no modifications to the sail or sail cover are required.

Sail Jockey installs easily and does not interfere with other lines or gear. Instruction, mounting hardware, drill bit and pop rivets are included.

Available in white, black, blue, red, and green

Comes in two sizes to fit most boats:

Model 700 for boats 16′ to 27′ – $21.00

Model 800 for boats 28′ to 39′ – $25.00


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