Sail Track & Slide System by Tides Marine

Are you having trouble raising or lowering your mainsail? We have a solution to your problem!

The Tides Marine Sail Track & Slide System is a high performance, low friction mainsail luff track and slide system built to handle the increased loads and demands of today’s full or partially battened, large roach and high aspect mainsails. When installed, the mainsail will raise with an ease you would not have believed possible and it will drop the moment you release the halyard!

The Tides Marine Sail Track & Slide System consists of the ultra low friction durable track and an “owner defined” selection of matched slides. Full batten receptacles are available if needed and all are designed for a smooth, long lasting operation. The system is priced on a per-foot basis and includes your selection of slides.

The Tides Marine Sail Track & Slide System system offers minimal stack height, less weight aloft, and low friction performance rivaling systems costing three times as much that have to be installed by skilled labor in order to properly set them up. The track comes coiled in a box and can be installed by the owner in less than an hour with no special tools.

This system is machined to fit your mast track from a product called UHMW-PE. This material has a very low coefficient of friction and is impact, abrasion, and wear resistant. It is not affected by saltwater, hot or cold temperatures, and is UV stable. It is available in one-piece lengths up to 85′ and can be installed without going up the mast or drilling any holes in the mast. Each track shape is matched to each vessel’s mast. The system will work with flat or round internal grooves as well as external mounted track.

The slides are finished to a smooth, low-friction surface, eliminating any sharp edges, which cause conventional slides to bind up. They are available in a number of standard sizes and configurations. The batten slides capture the inboard end in a secure and durable receptacle attached to a multi-axis link. This combination allows the batten to rotate freely during raising and lowering operations. The batten receptacle accepts round or flat battens and will accept fittings from many other slide systems.

A – #200AH – small batten receptacle – Flat battens to 1-5/8″ wide, round to 1/2″
B – #200A – small batten receptacle w/#400 slide
C – #200BH – Large batten receptacle – Flat battens to 2″ wide, round to 3/4″
D – #200B – Large Batten receptacle w/#400 slide
E – #400 W/#402 to accept Battslide II
F – #401 – 2″ slide
G – #403 – Slide to accept original Battslide
H – #500 – 3″ slide
I – #600 – 1″ slide
J – #800A – Backing plate for Auqabatten 305
K – #800B – Backing plate for Aquabatten 306
Priced at $27.00 per ft. which includes all hardware necessary to convert your sail

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